On the Scent of a Cure
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Sweet Hound Scents is family-owned and operated right here in Central Texas. This venture was born out of my home, the home of a military spouse and a mother of Basset Hounds. After caring first for my husband during his bout with cancer and subsequently for my beloved Basset, Ruby, and her battle with the disease I began Sweet Hound Scents to offer handmade bath products.

My husband was diagnosed in 2007 and currently remains in remission as well as on active duty. He continues to receive checkups every six months, and so far, so good! Ruby was also in remission, but unfortunately her reprieve lasted approximately a year following caring work by some truly caring and devoted doctors.

Ruby is our beloved Basset Hound daughter. Ruby was diagnosed with cancer during a very challenging time in 2010. Her Basset-daddy, a career Army officer and cancer survivor, was deployed to Iraq at the time, resulting in my being all alone to care for Ruby and deal with the emotional turmoil that cancer can bring.

Handmade Bath Products by Sweet Hound Scents

A Story Worth Hearing ...
Our story is a great, and courageous one, we welcome the opportunity to share our experience with you, not only in words, but through our products themselves. Allow us to tell you our story here. 
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In Ruby’s case the cancer hasn’t given up so easy and she endured her second round of chemotherapy. Ever full of “puppy-power” energy and an inspiring desire to live life to its fullest she fought cancer with that characteristic “hound dog smile” only Basset Hounds are capable of, and we were determined to keep trying as long as she’ll keep fighting. Ruby has taught us this is bigger than us and, “we’re in this together.”

Unfortunately, the battle took a toll on her and she lost the fight on November 3, 2011. She gave us nearly 14 wonderfully blessed years and will never be forgotten. While she lost the war, she never lost the desire to live life at full speed. People could learn a lot from her outlook on life - while in the grip of cancer Ruby never ceased to be a happy, loving 'puppy hound,' full of energy, hope and love. It is our sincerest hope that others will learn from her life to be strong and not to give up when presented with this awful diagnosis. Ruby will never be forgotten.

Making products such as scented body lotions for this company began as a way for me to occupy time in my home while caring for my husband and subsequently my Basset Hound. I make every product, custom made by hand within my home. Soon I learned that my products were sought after and I began to sell products including scented body sprays in the hopes of raising money to combat cancer as well as help less fortunate dogs find the treatment they need.